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Best Natural Treatment For Receding Gums

Table of Contents What’s so great about gums?First-line treatment optionsSalt water treatment for gingivitisLemongrass oil mouthwashAloe Vera mouthwashTea tree oil mouthwashGuava leaf mouthwashCoconut oil pullingClove applicationQuit SmokingHow to strengthen gums naturally?How can make my gums healthy again?Can you build your gums back up? We all know that teeth are a vital part of oral health. […]

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Gum Recession Treatment Without Surgery

Table of Contents Why Do Gums Recede?Periodontal Disease:Forceful or incorrect brushing:Teeth grinding and clenching:Treatment for gum recessionScaling and root planningGum Graft SurgeryPinhole surgical techniquePractice good oral hygieneNatural Treatment for gum recessionQuestions To Answer Gingival Recession Treatment Do you have receding gums? Gum recession is a condition where the gum tissue and bone that supports your teeth […]

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Seven Reasons to Take Acai

Seven Reasons to Take Acai Acai (pronounced ah-sy-ee) is a berry grown mainly in South America that has a number of nutritional properties, and has even been known to prevent certain diseases. There are a number of reasons to take acai supplements or drink acai juice on a daily basis no matter what your health […]

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